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MyPath uses AI and analytical technologies to show you new career opportunities at the intersection of your personal skills & interests and market demand.
MyPath generates three career tracks unique to you: 1 — conventional 2 — comfort zone and 3 — life-changing.

How it works

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    Quick and easy registration
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    Add your skills and interests
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    MyPath will show you 3 career tracks: conventional, comfort zone and life-changing
  • 4
    Play with your career tracks: you can choose a particular career in any track, find out what skills you need to get these career and generate your own track
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    Share, discuss and compare your career map with your friends. But remember - everyone’s personality and paths are unique
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    Become a part of the career surfers’ community. Share your tracks and stories on social media with a hashtag #MyCareerPathAI, motivate others and stay motivated

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We've been taught we can only pursue one career in a lifetime. But times have changed, and we now have multiple careers. It’s time to become a surfer of your own career 🏄🏽🏄🏻‍♂️🏄🏼‍♀️
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